Frequently asked questions

Which counties/municipalities are participating in this year's Sommerles?
All libraries participating in Sommerles are listed below. Is your municipality not participating in Sommerles this year? Maybe it will be next year - ask at your local library!

What is Sommerles?
Sommerles is a reading campaign for children in 1st to 7th grade. The goal is to read as much as possible during the campaign period (1st of June - 31st of August) and to collect XP (points).

Participants can win both digital trophies, and small prizes that can collected at your local library.
Who can participate?
All children in 1st - 7th grade in one of the municipalities participating in Sommerles are welcome to participate. If you start in 1st grade in autumn or have just finished in 7th grade, you can also participate.
How do I register on Sommerles?
To register, visit the new user page, read the terms of use & privacy policy with your parents/guardians, and approve. You must enter the email address of one of your parents/guardians to participate. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email that you are registered. Choose your local library and fill in your library card number or the library card number of your parents/guardians. If you do not have a library card, you can get one at your local library.
Do you not have a library card?
Please contact your local library to order a library card. In this instance, you can write in "0" into the "Library card" field. You can edit this later by going into the "Edit Profile" page when you have received your library card number.
How do I get prizes?
You can collect prizes at your local library once you reach a certain level. The first prize you can collect is once you have reached level 10, the next one is at level 20, and the last prize is at level 30. There are a maximum number of three prizes per person. You will be notified when you have enough XP to collect a prize.
What can I read?
You can read all types of books! You can also listen to audiobooks, or be read to by your mum, dad, your siblings or anyone else who is good at reading. For reading tips, just go to your local library and ask those who work there. They are great at finding books just for you!

Books that are not approved on Sommerles are newspapers (with the exception of Aftenposten jr. and Fremtida Junior), encyclopedias (such as lexicons and atlases), textbooks (with the exception of pure reading books), recipe books (such as cookbooks and knitting books), calendars, magazines (for example, Julia, Wendy and Donald), online articles, activity books/colouring books and podcasts. You are allowed to register all types of pocket books, books with text or pictures, and comics!

You can read books in languages other than Norwegian too. There are not many foreign books in the book database, but you can still register foreign books manually and they will be approved by a librarian.

Looking for a good book? Take a look at to find good books.
Difficult to read?
If you find it difficult to read a lot, you can listen to audiobooks, be read to, or read with someone else. You can easily find great books at You will find many different audiobooks at your local library as well.

Did you know that there is a separate library of audiobooks for anyone who is struggling to read? NLB has thousands of popular and recent audiobooks for children and teenagers. It's free to borrow, and, with the 'Lydhør' app, you can listen to audiobooks on your mobile and tablet. Visit to find out more. You can also get book tips and an overview of the latest audiobooks on their website.
What is an avatar?
An avatar is an icon you choose to represent yourself on the website. On Sommerles many of the avatars are icons and objects from Norse mythology. You can change your avatar at any time by clicking on the shield next to "Hi [Your Username]" at the top of the page. There you will see your profile page with an overview of all your trophies. If you have received an avatar, there is a "View" button on the trophy, which you can click on. A popup window will appear, where you can press "Select avatar" to change to a new avatar.
What is a trophy?
A trophy is a digital award that you get by registering books, solving tasks, etc. Each trophy is accompanied by an avatar that you can choose to represent you on the profile page.
How can I get XP (points) and get to a higher level?
At you can get XP by reading/listening to books and registering them, solving challenges related to the Sommerles story, and by entering codewords that you can pick up from your local library.


I forgot my username or password
Forgotten username: Fill in your email address here to receive an email with your usernames that are registered to your email address.
Forgotten password: Fill in your username here to receive a link in an email to change your password. You can also change your password on the "My profile" page.
How do I delete my Sommerles account?
If you would like to delete your account, please email [email protected] from the same email address from which your account was created. Enter the username you want us to delete. Once you have confirmed the account you want to be deleted, all information stored on the account will be deleted.
How do I export my data from Sommerles?
If you would like to export your reading data from Sommerles, go to the bottom of "Your Profile" and click on either "CSV" or "Print". If you choose "Print" you'll download a PDF with all your reading history and data from Sommerles.

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